Wednesday , 24 January 2018

Pakistani developer joins elite gaming club

Pakistan’s social game developer is to join the club of worldwide gaming elite, Atari and Kabam in the record of 6waves the most fabulous Facebook preoccupation distributor on the planet.

Unwavering with a news release issued here, Islamabad’s White Rabbit Studios is the primary Facebook gaming studio from Pakistan and truly the entire South Asian area, expanding triumph and heaviness for the country in the IT division.

White Rabbit Studios is fundamental and only watched substance creation, in right on time 2010 with the release of Pakistan’s first social preoccupation on Facebook, Feline Frenzy.

“It’s amazingly charging to see our affiliation’s name stated along any similarity of Atari and Kabam”, stated Hassan Baig, 29, Head of White Rabbit Studios. “We’re to a great degree constructive about our ability to fight with the finest dispositions in centers of infrastructure over the planet. We can do everything they can, and at supplemental positive mass bartering. We may be contemplated underdogs at present, then again chance to come, past any doubt, will have a spot with us”, he imparted.