Tuesday , 3 October 2023
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Go Daddy sites get hit with DOS Attacks

Online sites fixed by DNS and hosting supplier Go Daddy were down today. On twitter Unknown Hacker asserted credit for it.


A Note is composed on the Go daddy site:

NOTICE:- “At 10:25 am PT, GoDaddy.com and copartnered client aids encountered irregular blackouts. Fixes started to be restored for the majority of influenced clients at 2:43 pm PT. Around then was any touchy client qualified information, for example Visa information, passwords or names and addresses, bargained. We will give a supplemental overhaul inside the following 24 hours. We need to thank our clients for their persistence and help”.

“I’m bringing godaddy down bacause we might want to test how the digital security is protected and for additional explanations that i can’t talk now ” peruses a tweet from @AnonymousOwn3r.

“Duuude? This strike influences not just partnerships and yet individuals who underpin your belief system. What’s the reason?” one assumed devotee of Unknown tweeted.

Later, the “AnonymousOwn3r” record stated according to an inquiry of if he brought down the entire piece of DNS (Area Name Framework) servers: “yes! its not so perplexing.”

That was emulated by: “when i do some DDOS (Circulated Dissent of Utility) assault i get a kick out of the chance to disappoint it by numerous days, the assault for unrestricted time, it can keep going one hour or one month.”

This was a cautioning shot.

GoDaddy has been under blaze before for supporting the Stop Online Theft Act (SOPA), a charge that might have to a great degree confined web flexibility and presented extraordinary control. Indeed the noted enterpriser and originator of ICanHazCheezeburger.com took Godaddy to assignment for supporting SOPA:

“We will move our 1,000 realms off @Go Daddy unless you drop uphold of SOPA. We adore folks, yet #SOPA-is-growth to the Unlimited Web.”


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