Tuesday , 3 October 2023
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Punjab Assembly website is hacked by Bangladeshi Hackers

On Sunday Punjab Get together (PAP) Official website(www.pap.gov.pk) is hacked, this assault is a requests to capture a Pakistani hacker for his cyber crime.


Bangladeshi hackers, named “Cr4ck-Br4iN, Pivoting RoTor and Burning EVER”, had utilized unfamiliar IP delivers to hack the Dad official Site. In there inform they composed: “This is Payback to Shadow008 for hacking Bangladeshi sites!… dear site admin, one Pakistani purported-hacker, Shadow008, is answerable for this ruination. He hacked some Bangladeshi online sites. That is the reason we did this. Provided that u need to maintain a strategic distance from further ambush on ur online site, record a fuss against the terrorist hacker Shadow008 in FIA. Generally we won’t stop.

After a hour later Pakistani Hackers went energetically and hold control over online site, They moreover left a post for the Web Admin that they were able to be accompanied on Facebook.

Hacking specialists stated that there are a few assemblies of hackers in Pakistan who have “a bigger number of aptitudes than hackers of any possible nation, to secure neighborhood investment, and they are chiefly associates of Chinese hacking assemblies and have demonstrated their capacities in digital war between China and the US and China and Japan in final two decades.”


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