Monday , 27 March 2023
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Is NADRA Data is Safe, After Hacker’s Claim.

After Hacker’s Uncover .PK NIC Server vulnerabilities a month ago by hacking and and other application 300 nation level space’s, currently hacker’s case to have access into NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority) and FIA (Federal investigation Agency) site, that is colossal Address stamp about the Security of Character Information that is gathered by NADRA and FIA.


 In a meeting of Turkish Hacker’s named “eboz”, given to Well known IT Online site, told that, “As you know, Pakistani hackers are asserting to be ‘planet’s best hackers, some of their hackers who has hacked Google a couple of times with the assistance of a distinctive hackers, i do this to demonstrate to them they are not just ones hacking colossal focuses on the planet… i likewise added on access to NADRA & FIA Pakistan, NADRA which holds each qualified data on each national in Pakistan, and FIA which has each record of wrongdoing in Pakistan, really great gathering huh?”.

NADRA is the Gov’t figure which has private informative content of each Pakistani, and making CNICs, holding private and private informative content of each Pakistani subject. NADRA is likewise answerable for verifying qualified information for different different segments, incorporating the cell business. That is eye opening news for the Legislature of Pakistan and NADRA, Is Our Private Informative content is Safe!!!!

Hacker additionally guarantee that they are including in advertising the qualified information in the wake of hacking the website to profit to underground web, He additionally guarantee that “You normal-clients, only go ahead, utilization antivirus, thinking you are secure, trust me there are such underground gatherings & groups in the profound web, all hack records of hotmail, yahoo, Facebook, and other social-records are being sold there. Individuals are pitching Contaminated PCS regarded as schmucks, such 10,000,000 tainted victimized individuals in one bundle.

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