Monday , 27 March 2023
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Battery tricks and tips for the HTC 8X

I have been utilizing two HTC 8X HSPA+ telephones for in the ballpark of 5 weeks now.
Here are tricks and tips to enhance Battery life.

Note: Provided that you have commissioned the Porch overhaul plus the firmware upgrade, your electric storage device life is ordinarily talking in any event copied.

Accompanying issues are illuminated with Porch: Towering standby empty in Flight mode, is lessened to 1% for 6 hours. It additionally appears to be the situation that Message will no longer attempt to adjust in WLAN when it switches off in lock-screen. You can Prepare WLAN on in lock-screen.
GPS control channel has been decreased altogether, you might leave it on. Steps 23 and 24 could be skipped depending on if you have the upgrade on another telephone that accompanied Porch like ie. the HTC 8S.


1) ‘Electric storage device level for WP8′ from “Golesh” (Liberate DEMO) (Setup to show electric cell level in lock screen.)

2) On the other hand ‘Electric storage device Status’ from “Tomaz Wisniewski”, depending on if you can’t buy the above, or need an elective.

3) Connectivity Shortcuts from “OU Dev.” (Liberate) (Setup to show 5 small tiles on begin screen, WLAN, Bluetooth, Versatile System, Area, Flight Mode).

4) Grasp how to end “previously opened applications”.

5) Skype: You might wish to close it that way. Note that in the Skype application, you click on your photograph on the upper right, there you can change your online status. Not certain if this additionally influences the application running out of sight so take note until we get out of Beta Skype.


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