Monday , 27 March 2023
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Worldwide consumer hits by Internet slowdown also in Pakistan

A day after the greatest cyber-attack and under-ocean cable cuts expedited a worldwide Internet slowdown and intimidated the being of the Web itself, Anyone attempting to enter the Internet inside the way that this assault was voyaging felt that the Net is dead.

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Indian Defense System is broken by Chinese Hackers

Chinese Hackers

Chinese hackers are the keenest concerning hitting modern control frameworks, scrutinize from a major security firm has demonstrated. Chinese hackers have supposedly broken into the Top sensitive machines of Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). So far it has been recognized that it is the major security rupture in the history of Defense Research and Development Organization. Because of this …

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The Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung’s lead Android telephone comes pressed with characteristics that are part excitement and part utility. Here are a couple of straightforward tips and tricks that will help to open their energy even further for new purchasers. Monitor Electric cell Life The Galaxy S III accompanies an extensive variety of handy characteristics that speedily empty electric cell life, from incorporated Exist …

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Battery tricks and tips for the HTC 8X

I have been utilizing two HTC 8X HSPA+ telephones for in the ballpark of 5 weeks now. Here are tricks and tips to enhance Battery life. Note: Provided that you have commissioned the Porch overhaul plus the firmware upgrade, your electric storage device life is ordinarily talking in any event copied. Accompanying issues are illuminated with Porch: Towering standby empty …

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An Amazing Cookoo Bluetooth Watch

Another conceived gadget with astounding Bluetooth innovation that dependably stays connected, with your cell phone, dependably when its your coat or bag. This watch is a shrewd looking and handy watch that dependably stays associated with your Cell phone through Bluetooth 4.0, and alarms you while getting another message, alarm, social media post, or bring continuously. At that point examine …

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Microsoft going to shutdown its Messenger

Microsoft informed users on Wednesday through e-mail that its Messenger service will be shut down on March 15.

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Is NADRA Data is Safe, After Hacker’s Claim.

After Hacker’s Uncover .PK NIC Server vulnerabilities a month ago by hacking and and other application 300 nation level space’s, currently hacker’s case to have access into NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority) and FIA (Federal investigation Agency) site, that is colossal Address stamp about the Security of Character Information that is gathered by NADRA and FIA.  In a …

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US Ex-Military Head Hit by Hackers

Mike Mullen

Recently Reported That: The hackers target on “Mr. Mullen’s Former US Armed official” private PCs, which he utilized while tackling the grounds of the U.S. Maritime Institute since his retirement in 2011, as per authorities and others acquainted with the test. Those individuals stated FBI operators took away two workstations in late October and reverted them in mid-November. The Elected …

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Hundreds of .pk domains (, .pk, and others) incorporating Top country level domains for example,,, were defaced because of security blemishes of PKNIC framework. Hackers uncover PKNIC vulnerabilities that initiated destruction of .PK domains. Hacker aggregation, asserted that PKNIC servers are defenseless to: Boolean-based daze sql injection Time-based daze sql injection Cross site scripting Touchy …

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Dell’s XPS 10 tablet includes separable keyboard

Dell’s XPS 10 accompanies a separable keyboard. Like most 10.1-inch tablets, the XPS 10 games a dark case with a wide satiny bezel and silver wrapped around the edge. The console dock incorporates a track, transformer consoles and the tablet looks to slide into the dock in a comparable way to Asus’ side-line. While Dell itself has yet to affirm …

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