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Google.com.pk Taken down When .PK Registrar been Hacked on Saturday

Hundreds of .pk domains (.com.pk, .pk, org.pk and others) incorporating Top country level domains for example google.com.pk, microsoft.pk, hp.com.pk, Yahoo.pk were defaced because of security blemishes of PKNIC framework. Hackers uncover PKNIC vulnerabilities that initiated destruction of .PK domains. Hacker aggregation, asserted that PKNIC servers are defenseless to: Boolean-based daze sql injection Time-based daze sql injection Cross site scripting Touchy …

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Anonymous Hackers Declare “CYBER WAR” On Israel #OpIsrael

Hackers pronounce ‘cyber war’ on Israel brought #OpIsrael in countering for threats to square Palestinians’ web access. As the Israel Protection Strengths started airstrikes against Palestine, the hacktivist gathering attempted to handicapped person Israeli locales and legislature systems. Hacked Israeli sites Yuval Steinitz, Israel’s account serve admits that more than 60million hacking endeavors on Israeli locales start produced out of …

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Now E-mail Sharing Service launches by Twitter

In Social business popular blogging giant Twitter, launches another characteristic to its stage for client to offer a tweets through messages to their companions and crew. This new characteristic will be ready with in few weeks. In a report Twitter spokes individual states, “You can E-mail a Tweet to anybody, if they utilize Twitter or not, right from your Twitter …

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Several NBC Sites were Hacked

The news is start reported that different Sites of NBC, were hacked on Saturday, asserted by “pyknic” hacker aggregation, they additionally uncovered “client and watchword data”. The memo transferred was “Recollect, recall the fifth of November.”It goes onto state, “The explosive treason and plot. I know of no excuse for why the black powder treason may as well ever be …

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Hacker illegally obtained credit card and Social Security numbers

[Columbia, S.C.] The S.C. Department of Revenue today published that roughly 3.6 million Government managed savings numbers and 387,000 credit and platinum card numbers have been uncovered in a digital assault, Of the Credit cards, the larger part are secured by solid encryption regarded sufficient under the mandating Credits Card industry principles to ensure the information and cardholders. More or …

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